Answers To The Most Common Family Law Questions

At Durward & Durward, Attorneys at Law, we have served individuals and families in Jefferson County since 1997. After over 50 years of focusing on family law, we know which questions are most commonly asked by our clients, and we have created this Family Law FAQ page in hopes of providing a few answers to Alabama residents facing family law challenges.

What Is Included In The Area Of Family Law?

At our law firm, we offer comprehensive family law services, meaning that we can help you regardless of your need and where you are in the legal process. Among the most commonly requested services involve the following:

  • High-asset divorces: A high-asset divorce presents more challenges simply because each spouse has more to lose. Thanks to our lawyers’ decades of experience, we have the ability to protect your assets and your future during the divorce process.
  • Business division: When a couple who also shares interest in a business divorces, the legalities become more complex. Fortunately, our attorneys have extensive experience working with clients who are also small business owners. If you have concerns about the future of your family-owned business, our lawyers will work to alleviate those concerns and protect your source of income.
  • Contested custody cases: In most family law actions, two things take precedence: money and children. When it comes to child custody, our attorneys understand the importance of healthy parent-child relationships, and they will help you fight for your right to your children.
  • Post-divorce modifications: Legal actions do not always end when a divorce is finalized or a child custody or support agreement is approved by the court. For many individuals and parents, circumstances change, making post-divorce modifications necessary. We can help you obtain the modification you need.
  • Enforcements: After a divorce or child support action, both parties have expectations based on court-approved agreements. When one party fails to pay his or her court-ordered alimony or child support payments or refuses visitation, a legal action may become necessary. If you are not receiving your payments or visitation, we can help you take the legal steps necessary to enforce your agreement.
  • Paternity/child support cases: People do not have to be married to have children. Our attorneys handle petitions for paternity, custody, visitation and child support. We can help you formalize the parent-child relationship and establish your right to custody, child support or visitation.
  • Appeals: If you are not satisfied with a judge’s ruling in a Final Judgement of Divorce or other order, we can help you appeal the decision to the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals or the Alabama Supreme Court.

What Can You Expect From Family Law Proceedings?

After over 50 years, we know that every family law case is different, which means that each client will have a unique experience.

In some cases, when soon-to-be ex-spouses can keep the lines of communication open, they can reach an out of court settlement by negotiating with the other spouse and their attorney or going to mediation. When you choose mediation with a third-party neutral, one of our attorneys will be at your side, providing advice, guidance and support as you work toward a mutually beneficial agreement with your spouse.

In other cases, when the lines of communication have broken completely, litigation is the only way to proceed. If you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse cannot negotiate the terms of your divorce or child-related agreement, our skilled trial attorneys have the ability to protect your rights and interests in court, regardless of how heated the battle is.

More Questions? We Have Answers.

If you have questions about topics that are not listed above, such as child visitation, adoptions or domestic relations, you can get answers that fit your specific circumstances during an initial consultation at our law office in Birmingham. To schedule your first meeting with one of our family law professionals, call 205-791-7260 or email us.

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